Ascot Aquatics Centre

We believe in providing you with quality, natural and healthy pool water,
giving you the best pool and swimming experience.
Magnesium Salts in Water
  • Help increase energy
  • Calm nerves and anxiety
  • Help with digestion
  • Relieve muscle aches and spasms
  • Regulate levels of calcium, potassium and sodium
  • Be important for heart health
  • Prevent migraine headaches
Powerful mineral rich water can have a beneficial effect
  • Enhances pool water quality
  • Provides environmentally friendly pool solution with exceptional water clarity
  • Helps ease muscle tension
  • Detoxifies and regenerates the skin, boosting its natural defence system
  • Stimulates skin hydration and softens skin

Our Family History

The Millers are passionate about not only teaching children and adults about water safety, but also helping their confidence in the water, so they can enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

The Millers began this journey, first establishing Newmarket Pool. Since its opening, its become a wonderful and incredibly popular space where both children and adults can enjoy swimming, socialising and other fitness activities.

They decided that their next step was to develop an Aquatic Centre, with a mission to “swim in style and learn in luxury.” Planning and development began in 2019 and Ascot Aquatic Centre was born in August 2020. As for the Millers, they are experts when it comes to swimming, health and fitness – swimming runs through their veins!